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Milkshakes, Memories & Mixed Lollies
By Eamon Donnelly

Full colour, hard cover, coffee table book documenting the iconic Australian Milk Bar. 

Size: 250 x 240mm

Page count: 400

We all remember our childhood corner Milk Bar, the lollies, the snacks, the sweets and the milkshakes. Choc o' bloc, fully illustrated, this technicolour book is a nostalgic trip back to those hot summer arvos when you met your mates at the corner Milk Bar and spent your hard pocket money on a bag of mixed lollies, an ice cream and a milkshake. 

Curated, photographed, designed and written by Eamon Donnelly the book features the best photographs from an expansive 15 year project of shopfronts, interiors, sun-kissed signage and ghost signs. Accompanied by memories from past and present owners, family and archival photographs and the history of the Milk Bar by Leonard Janiszewski, research fellow with the Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations at Macquarie University and co-author with documentary photographer Effy Alexakis of the 2016 book Greek Cafe's & Milk Bars of Australia. 

This book is 15 years in the making but has its humble beginnings in 1981 with the childhood Milk Bar of the author called Dave & Peggy's in East Geelong. In 2002 Eamon took the first photo in this project, the closed shopfront that was his childhood corner Milk Bar. He then noticed a change in Australia's suburban landscape, the Milk Bar was slowly fading away and he began to document the last of the Australian Milk Bars.

This 15 year project is Australia wide, from Summer Hill to outback Broken Hill, St Kilda to Sydney down to the Gong and its origins in Geelong. The current archive features over 6,000+ photographs of the shopfronts, the interiors, the memories, the families and sun kissed signs of a faded summers past the best will feature in the book.

In March 2018 a crowdfunding campaign will be launched to raise the printing costs to self publish the book Milk Bars. But it won't happen without the support of the community. Much like Milk Bars were and still are supported by the local community this book also needs your support.

The crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter will feature exclusive pre-orders of the book, signed and dedicated copies, limited edition numbered signed copies of the book, signed fine art prints from the project and some extra special Milk Bar surprises.